Our Training Programs

It is often the case that when you’re in the thick of a problem, you’d lose sight of the forest for the trees. Hearing ideas from an independent source is a good way to get new ideas for improving business performance.Monitoring is essential to business to ensure a necessary system is up and running. Monitoring different aspect of your IT Infrastructure setup can cause a lot of tantrum if not done properly with the right tools. Systems Management solutions enable you to get an in-depth look into your IT infrastructure and proactively protect your business by consolidating fault and performance events using a combination of agents and agentless monitoring.
Drawing expertise from a variety of domains, we provide customised monitoring solutions for clients, such as Solution design,building and installing new technology,traininngs on various domains (Onpremise and Web based). We provide external pools of expertise that clients can immediately use on a short-term basis.
Key tools that we support includes HP openview suite, SolarWinds, CA spectrum, AppDynamics,Splunk, SCOM ,Nagios,OPenNMS,Dynatrace,ManageEngine IT360